MBS Get Active program 2022 is back

Ride program: 3 Saturday mornings. (One time S$100 payable upon registration at the store for guests of MBS Tuneup card holders who need a folding bike to join the rides on these Saturdays). 20-25 km speeds. Distances start at 20km and we aim for 40km distance on the last ride.

Who is suitable? For men and women who like to start doing some levels of aerobic/anaerobic exercise where you have short bursts of hard pedaling on Park Connectors. Ideally, we like our participants have a Heart Rate monitor to establish that you are working in the right zone: (220-your age) x 80%. Eg if you are 50, you should be seeing your Heart Rate not exceed 133.

Guest Fees cover:
 1xCairbull Savat (S$49) (it’s yours to keep after the ride for hygiene purpose)
Use of a store demo foldable bike for 3 sessions.
Max 3 for loan per group.

1) Get active outdoors for 3 hrs on Sat mornings
2) Explore the PCN at comfortable 20-25 km/hr
3) Commit to complete 75km over 3 Saturdays
4) Start from MBS @Henderson at 8am. We push off at 815am


  1. If I have my own helmet, is there any refund for the helmet?

Ans: No – we have designed this for those new to cycling and we would feel safer if you had a helmet that was certified and properly fitted. When you register and come down to pay, we will hand you your helmet.

  1. Will I get any refunds if I stop after the first ride?

Ans: No, the fees cover the helmet cost, use of the bike in use on these 3 rides.

  1. If I do not complete the 3 rides, can I join the next group?

Ans: The design of these rides will provide you with the opportunity to discover the Park Connector Networks and the joy of cycling. You are encouraged to continue to keep riding but the designated bikes are for registered participants for that particular batch. We will try our best to accommodate your participation if you miss a scheduled ride.

  1. What if weather is bad, does cancellation mean the ride count is forfeited?

Ans: No, we will count that ride as cancelled and we will “credit” that batch with 1 more ride.

  1. If you are unwell or away, do we get credit for that missed ride?

Ans: No, we do not refund for such situations.

  1. I have my own folding bike but not purchased from MBS stores, can I join?

Ans: No, these rides and events are organised for MBS bike owners.

To sign up please email Name, mobile contact and MBS Tuneup card number to checkmybikeshop@gmail.com

Author: My Bike Shop Singapore

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