Useful videos – folding/unfolding etc

This page serves to cover most models, please email or Facebook message us if you need any other Video guides.

Also READ what the LTA gives as guidelines on use of foldables on bus/mrt

SwiftyOne folding/unfolding


Tern Link, Verge and Eclipse series folding/unfolding

Link Verge folding unfolding

Dahon 20 inch folding/unfolding

Dahon folding unfolding

Tern Joe C21 folding/unfolding

Joe series

Bickerton 1406

Tern BYB Series owner’s briefing
byb p8
How to fold and roll your folding bike
Bike Friday folding and unfolding and the tip on keeping the chain on

Moulton TSR separable video

Tyrell IVE and IVE Sports folding/unfolding


Tyrell FX folding/unfolding

Tyrell FX folding unfolding

Chedech 5 folding/unfolding

Chedech 5
MITCycle V8 folding and/Unfolding (MITCycle was formerly branded as Flamingobikes)
MIT White V8
Changing gears on our bicycle
Changing bicycle tires and inner tubes
How to Change Grips on a Bike by Performance Bicycle - YouTube
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