Entry level foldables S$550 – S$699

Folding bikes that are built with strong points of reliability and global reputation. This category will find you entry levels from Kosda, Dahon, Tern and Bickerton.

Kosda – a challenger brand from China, takes on the leader brands and introduces their Alu 8 speed disc brake equipped foldable. Want it even cheaper? Do away the 3 year’s warranty to 1 year and buy at S$550.

Take back the streets! DAHON conceived the HIT as an economical and ecological tool for our most recent global challenges. At S$650, it comes with warranty and My Bike Shop Bike support program.

Bickerton Portables, after Moulton, they are the next UK brand that paved many innovations since 1971.

Tern bicycles, based in Taiwan, and has offices in the US, China, Finland, and the UK. The company’s primary products include folding bicycles, electirc bikes, and cycling accessories which are currently sold in 65 countries

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