Folding bikes between S$700 – S$1400

The brands we ranged all come with minimum 3 years warranty against manufacturing defects and they look good and come with better specs that result in a better roll, better grips, less flex and you can have the options of adding a front truss and rear racks easily.


With a focus on eco-green focused and value,  The 2021 9 Speed, Windspeed D9 S$850 with disc brakes and FD hanger equipped is value for money.

The R20. A 20 speed drop bar ( or straight bar) foldable. Reminisce of the early days when you want a dropbar foldable in a dual chain ring format. Flatbar conversion at no cost.

Most recent addition to the line up – 16 inch 9 speed with disc brakes

Banian MV – 2×9 and weighing at 10kg. This MV frame design gives you rigidity but put together with value in mind.


A new brand with EN4210 offering amazing value for 16. and 20 inch. Our stocks come with 3 years warranty against manufacturing defects and to the first retail owner. Price of bikes range from S$699 to S$1099, Reduced prices should you want to reduce warranty cover.

3 Sixty Korea

349 series assembled in Korea. S$1200 – priced to delight. Comes with M bar and external 3 speed hub for ease of service and potential upgrading.

Bickerton Portables

When you need full size wheels but still want folding for storage or transport, then the Docklands is for you.

Tern bicycles

No stocks and no firm schedules yet.

In stock

Accessories from Tern that work on all Tern models BUT you need to install a Luggage Truss and your bike must have a Truss mount. Delivery of Tern AM is S$20 per trip as items are larger.

Bike prices and accessories depicted on the bikes are subject to change. For the avoidance of doubt, please check with the store staff.

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