Tyrell bikes Update 2022

Tyrell from Japan has always scored on looks and performance.

Minivelos traditionally are not foldable bikes. The first attempt to make a foldable minivelo in production scale was Dahon in 2010  who labelled their folding minvelos as Midtown series. The word “Velo” is french for bicycle, so rather than calling it a Mini bike, the Japanese have branded it “mini Velo”, with a good sense of history, culture and chic wording.

Tyrell continued this and pushed through the Tyrell FX, which till todate is a favourite for those who want looks, speed and foldable in a 406 format. The FSX for 451 equipped wheels

For 2022, the FX does away with the straight handle bar and adopts the dropbar as a standard equipped with Shimano 105 format. But you can opt for straight bars.

The451 equipped FSX and CSI is back for those who want speed and Japanese quality.

Last but not least the IVE Sports – which is the improved version of the IVE.  

 For 2022 Q3, the FX is coming back and email liz@mybikeshop.com.sg if you are interested to be notified.