Quick reference guide

Consideration ONE:

  1. I do more Park Connector Network type of terrain
  2. My distances are < 30km in one ride
  3. I ride with family and friends maximum 2 -3 times a week
  4. Budget is  a concern
  5. I weigh less than 105kg
  6. Read this for what you can get for S$500

MND image

Ans: A 11 speeds (or less) foldable bike!

Consideration TWO:

  1. I plan to commute to work via MRT or Bus
  2. I have shower facilities at the office

HVV Klapprad

Ans: 16 or 18 inch foldable makes better sense for compact stowage and opt for lightweight (less than 10 kg) if you have many instances  of carrying up and down

Consideration THREE:

  1. I do >30km distances in a day every day
  2. I love doing RIs and Century rides
  3. I love keeping up with Roadies but I do enjoy rides with my kid(s) and partners who tend to cycle slower

Stephen Ames 2 year winner for our fastest foldie

Ans: Opt for minimum 18 speed foldable with drop bars (straight bars are fine too)

OTHER Considerations:


  1. A low budget gets you so -so components that will deteriorate faster over usage
  2. A higher budget gets you better components and designs that last you longer
  3. The lighter it is, the more expensive it becomes

Ans: Dollars and sense matter but NOT the best place to start to select a bike (Do read our full guide)

What if I weigh more than 105kg?

Ans: We have a good option – Swifty Scooters that carry up to 150 kg. If  you cover less than 8km, this item will build strong core muscles and help  you lose weight




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